MMC Consulting’s business is human capital and business management of our clients. We provide long term solutions to run their business effectively, efficiently and profitably.

What we do :

MMC Consulting assists companies in various facets of business. Companies that want to invest in their business and human capital management, we assist in planning, organizing, and directing businesses in reaching their goals. MMC Consulting will take care of the non-revenue generating activities, while our clients focus on their core business.

We offer tailor made packages for each of our clients, having the correct programs, processes and people in place makes a company more profitable, proficient and effective.

Our Values :

Strive for excellence:

We offer a world class service while continually striving for excellence.


Our clients are our priority, we are flexible, reliable and always available to help. We build our relationships with our clients through honesty and integrity, ensuring full confidentiality.

Psychological Safety:

We promote a culture of psychological safety, we encourage individual contributions, that nurture each others passions, this allows the team to reach their full potential.

How we function:

Full collaboration- everyone contributes.

We listen to, collaborate and inspire, this allows for custom solutions, driven by effective stakeholder engagement.